AR Plus


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1000VA ~ 3000VA

ARES PLUS tower has got a number of smart features that increase battery life. Thanks to the new Battery Discharge protection control function, it’s perfect for medium voltage substations applications. This product belongs to the Ablerex Single Phase Online system. Discover all the infos in the box below: features, options and accessories.





Medium voltage substation


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  • Online double conversion VFI protection from 1000VA to 3000VA
  • Extreme battery lifetime thanks to: - wide input voltage tolerance (110-300V) - wide input frequency tolerance (44-66Hz) - intelligent battery management
  • Battery discharge level control, settable 30-100% of the available capacity
  • Precise patented backup time estimation
  • 2 programmable IEC outlets plus two Schuko
  • Cold start to activate loads without mains
  • Multiple operation modes to maximize energy efficiency
  • Strong overload capability to improve CB’s selectivity
  • Manually activated extra service check
  • Firmware upgradable for updates and customization
  • Remote EPO and On/Off functions
  • RS232 and USB port, comm. slot
  • CEI 0-16 compliant
  • USB card, RS485 card, dry contact relay card, SNMP/web card
  • Extra RS232 card
  • External battery cabinet
  • Different outlets
  • LED interface
  • Ares Plus 3000 version with 8 batteries
  • Remote On/Off without mains

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    DY801 Mini

    Mini SNMP Card

    RS485 Mini

    Mini RS485 card

    External SNMP card

    Net Agent 9 mini - External (DY-522 series)

    Internal SNMP card

    Net Agent 9 internal (CY-504 series)

    Internal SNMP card 3P

    Net Agent 9 Internal 3 port (BY-506B series)


    Relay contact board (programmable by software for output relay) + Software

    RS232 Card

    Internal RS232 card

    RS485 Card

    Internal RS485 Card


    External bypass switch box + socket (6x10A IEC - 2x16A IEC) - Dimensions 440x88x77mm - Weight 2,7Kg


    External charger 250W 36-72Vdc selectable - Dimensions 252x94x196mm - Weight 2,9Kg