Three-phases UPS

TITAN 100-500 kVA

Maximum protection and efficiency in a compact design, while ensuring absolute power continuity in all critical applications.

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  • Data centres
  • Electromedical equipment
  • Industrial applications


  • High-efficiency ECO mode
  • PF 1 ensures maximum active power availability: kVA=KW
  • IGBT technology
  • Designed to minimise impact on generators
  • Dynamic Charging Mode (DCM)
  • Built-in EPO
  • Integrated backfeed contactor
  • Dual input and internal manual bypass
  • Up to 6 units can be connected in parallel
  • Separate or common batteries that can be configured for parallel systems.
  • Comprehensive set of communication options
  • LCD display with LED synopics+ Colour touch screen

Key options

  • Programmable dry contacts.
  • Common batteries for parallel systems.
  • SNMP, RS485, ModBus cards and temperature probe.
  • Colour touch screen display for power from 100 to 160 kVA.
  • Remote monitoring panel.
  • External manual bypass for maintenance
  • Parallel kit

Control and management software
Communication cards and software

Ablerex three-phase online UPS units offer maximum control thanks to optional communication cards:

  • the SNMP network card enables you to monitor the status of the UPS from any PC or server connected to the LAN without having to install any specific software, thanks to the Web Server function, or remotely by means of a VPN connection. You can also manage automatic shutdowns of the devices connected to the UPS;
  • the relay card with potential-free contacts transmits alarms remotely;
  • the RS485 Modbus card effectively communicates the status of the UPS with the most widely used BMS systems.
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Additional information
  • With high efficiency and the lowest TCO of its category, this UPS can reach up to 99% efficiency in ECO mode benefiting end users with energy savings, extended battery backup, and reduced environmental impact. It improves system reliability, operates quietly, and offers faster ROI due to lower energy expenses. The scalability and compatibility with green initiatives make it an attractive choice for various applications when high power is required.
  • Thanks to Power Factor F 1 provides efficient power delivery to connected devices, reducing energy costs and heat generation. It maximizes power utilization, supporting critical equipment during outages. Its compatibility with sensitive devices ensures a stable and reliable power supply.
    Minimized expenses linked to commissioning and floor space, along with a diminished environmental impact through its compact layout.
  • By ensuring optimal input power utilization (PF 0.99) and low total harmonic distortion (TDHi <3% ), it maintains compatibility with the upstream power source by improving system efficiency and reduces electrical pollution in the mains by preventing malfunctions
  • Generator-friendly UPS enhances generator lifespan and fuel efficiency by regulating power fluctuations and providing seamless transitions. It reduces the load on generators, stabilizes voltage and frequency, and allows for the use of smaller generator sizes. Overall, it ensures reliable power supply, business continuity, and cost savings.
  • Dynamic charging mode function activable by the firmware ensure maximum versatility in long autonomy and low charging time applications. Thanks to this function all available power not absorbed by the load can be used to quickly charge batteries, including those sized for long autonomies, and allows the charging currents of the batteries to be adjusted according to manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Built-in EPO provides a critical layer of safety and control during emergency situations, while also facilitating maintenance procedures and ensuring compliance with safety standards.
  • The backfeed protection contact prevents potential harm by blocking power flow from the UPS to the main grid during outages. This avoids electrical risks to workers, maintains grid stability, and safeguards sensitive equipment from unexpected power surges when the UPS activates
  • Thanks to dual input the UPS can be connected to two separate power sources, enhancing redundancy and reliability. In case one power source fails, the UPS can seamlessly switch to the alternative source, ensuring a continuous power supply. The Internal manual bypass feature enables to bypass the UPS during maintenance or repair without interrupting power to connected devices, providing convenience minimal downtime and more security for users.
  • A higher power or redundancy can be reach by connected up to 6 units in parallel. The upgrade is easily settable from the touch display.
  • Possibility for parallel systems to easily configure separate or common batteries in order to optimize costs and allow tailored runtime: separate batteries ensure individual reliability and modularity of each UPS, meanwhile, common batteries shared among parallel systems offer cost savings, resource sharing, load balancing, and simplified maintenance.
  • Wide range of communication options included: two ports as standard (RS232 and USB), and two additional slots for optional cards: all the standard ports are available to fit customer needs
  • Wide range of communication options included: two ports as standard (RS232 and USB), and two additional slots for optional cards: all the standard ports are available to fit customer needs


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