MS II RT 3/1


10000VA ~ 20000VA

On the market since many years, MS II RT combines reliability and robustness to high power and great installation flexibility. This product belongs to the category of UPS Ablerex Single Phase Online category. Features, options and accessories are available in the boxes below. It is also possible to download the technical sheet and the set up with its own manual. If you need further information, please join our Request info. Finally you can find the perfect applications for its performance and features.

Perfect for:
Servers Networking
Critical IT applications
Small server rooms
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  • On-line double conversion (VFI) technology from 1000VA to 3000VA with 0.9 power factor.
  • Versatile thanks to: the ability to rotate the display panel that turns the rack into a tower.
  • Full-power bypass line with single-phase output.
  • Up to 4 units in parallel, possibility of 3 + 1 redundancy with parallel kit.
  • Low cost of ownership: high VFI efficiency and ECO functionality minimize energy consumption.
  • Intuitive monitoring software, free downloadable and compatible with major operating systems, for: function control, diagnostics, controlled shutdown of loads in case of failure.
  • Possibility of starting in the absence of the grid (cold start).
  • Wide input voltage and frequency ranges that reduce battery tripping while increasing expected battery life and efficiency.
  • Flexible battery configuration to best suit your range needs.
  • Manually activated 6-step function test.
  • Dual input (Mars II 20kVA version only).
  • RS232 and USB port, slot for optional communication card.

Main options:

  • Boards: RS485, SNMP/web and dry contact relay board to send UPS status to various systems e.g., BMS, PLC, SCADA and AS400.
  • Isolation transformer.
  • Parallel kit.
  • Rail kit for rack mounting.
  • External battery cabinets.
  • External manual bypass with additional sockets.

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