Single-phase Line-interactive UPS

Glamor 650-2200 VA

Plug&play UPS for the protection of home and small business devices.

Ideal solution: Home solutions
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  • PC
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Video game consoles
  • TV’s
  • Satellite receivers
  • POS
  • Cash registers
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Home monitoring devices

Low cost of ownership due to longer expected battery life

  • Wide input allowable tolerance in both voltage and frequency (160-290V – 45-65 Hz): prevents batteries from going into operation when there is a major variation in input power.
  • ABDM (Automatic Battery Discharge Management) protects batteries from deep discharge by increasing the cut-off voltage (battery cut voltage), the voltage at which a battery is considered fully discharged.
  • Charge control: prevents overcharging of batteries that leads to their degradation by modulating the voltage to the battery to maintain a full charge during its operation.
  • Automatic testing every 24 hours allows early detection of problems protecting batteries from failure.

PowerMaster: UPS monitoring and management software

Main features of the monitoring and control software:

  • quick and easy installation and configuration via USB;
  • orderly, automatic closure of the applications and operating system, even if the user is not there;
    monitoring and power supply event reporting;
  • transmission of alarms for the most common power supply problems and notification of system shutdown via email and text message;
  • automatic testing of UPS and battery;
  • available for Windows, MAC, Linux, etc.
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Additional information
  • The Glamor UPS 650-2200 VA provides a high level of protection offering a smoother transition from utility power to battery power and ensuring better compatibility with a range of sensitive devices.
  • The Glamor UPS 650-2200 VA guarantees power quality by stabilizing the power automatically can regulate minor voltage fluctuations, preventing damage to connected equipment and ensuring stable operation during brownouts and overvoltage situations.
  • The Glamor UPS 650-2200 VA is ready to go without other cost: all needed cables are included to connect UPS to the load and to install the software via USB cable
  • User-friendly Glamor UPS 650-2200 VA: no expertise is needed to connect UPS, statuses are clearly displayed by LCD, and audible and visual alarms are easily understandable.
  • The connected devices are always protected, the Glamor UPS 650-2200 VA UPS can be started in the absence of mains power and the battery is always charged.
  • The presence of the operator is not necessary. The Glamor UPS 650-2200 VA Automatic restart after prolonged blackout reactivates the load protected, the software can also allow to set up the automatic shutdown of the devices connected.
  • The Glamor UPS 650-2200 VA guarantees easy monitoring and management without cost: orderly, automatic closure of the applications and operative system, and shutdown of all devices can be easily set up via free software available for the main operatives systems
  • The Glamor UPS 650-2200 VA has low cost of ownership due to longer expected battery life thanks to all advanced battery management features.

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