Three-phases UPS

THOR 15-900 kVA

High-performance three-phase modular UPS for absolute continuity in all critical applications.
Fully scalable and high efficiency (99.6% in ECO mode), the Thor series based on 15, 25 and 75 kVA/kW modules guarantees energy saving and minimum TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Ideal solution: Business solutions
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  • Data centres: from micro to large
  • Network Operations Centres (NOC)
  • Security operations centres
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Broadcast and video streaming infrastructure
  • Industrial automation control systems
  • Remote teaching infrastructure
  • Healthcare facilities


Energy Saver: higher efficiency and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

The Energy Saver function ensures the modules last a long time by automatically making them work in rotation to balance component wear and increase their life.

ECO Smart mode: higher energy savings and maximum availability of connected systems

In ECO Smart Mode (iECO), the bypass and inverter work together to provide combined energy.
This can achieve greater efficiency (up to 99.3) and ensure a transfer time of 0.

Key options

  • Input, output and bypass breaker.
  • Communication cards: Web SNMP.
  • Isolation transformer.
  • Additional battery charger for long uptimes.

60 kVA

  • Combo solution
  • Up to 4 internal strings of 40 x 9 Ah batteries.
  • Fuses to protect each string.

Control and management software
Communication cards and software

Ablerex three-phase online UPS units offer maximum control thanks to optional communication cards:

  • the SNMP network card enables you to monitor the status of the UPS from any PC or server connected to the LAN without having to install any specific software, thanks to the Web Server function, or remotely by means of a VPN connection. You can also manage automatic shutdowns of the devices connected to the UPS;
  • the relay card with potential-free contacts transmits alarms remotely;
  • the RS485 Modbus card effectively communicates the status of the UPS with the most widely used BMS systems.
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Additional information
  • The high-density design with full hot-swap technology for both power and bypass modules ensures continuity and protects your load at all times.
  • Power factor of 1 (kW = kVA): maximum active power available at all times.
  • Very high efficiency (up to 99.3% in ECO Smart mode) for maximum energy saving: bypass and inverter work together to provide combined energy to the load and ensure zero transfer time in the event of a blackout.
  • Up to 4 units can be connected in parallel (up to 3.6 MW) for power or redundancy.
  • Long component life for a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership): the Energy Saver function automatically makes the power modules work in rotation to ensure greater efficiency and duration.
  • Designed to minimise impact on generators and avoid overdimensioning them.
  • Optimised footprint for maximum installation versatility to make installation possible in any type of environment.
  • Easy installation thanks to the central bypass that ensures better load balance and lower risk of system overload.
  • Variable battery string configuration can be set from the LCD for maximum installation flexibility.
  • Minimum battery voltage can be set according to the discharge current, so the batteries can always be used in the best way to maximise their expected or lifespan life.
  • High quality long-life capacitors (up to 10 years under favourable operating conditions).
  • Cold start function included.
  • Compatible with lithium-ion batteries or other technologies.
  • Dual input for main power supply and bypass.
  • Internal manual bypass.
  • User-friendly LCD touch display with multi-language graphical user interface to have everything under control at all times.
  • Event log can be downloaded directly from the LCD via USB port.
  • Communication slots for optional card.
  • RS485-ModBus, relay card with dry contact and USB port built-in.


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