Single-phase Line-interactive UPS

Glamor S 600-2000 VA

Pure sine wave UPS for the non-stop supply of high-end devices or with PFC power supply. UPS is equipped with phone and data line protection.

Ideal solution: Home solutions
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  • Workstations
  • Gaming PC’s
  • Small servers
  • Networking equipment
  • Hi-Fi and home theatre TV
  • Video game consoles
  • Satellite receivers
  • Video surveillance
  • Pellet stoves
  • Wi-Fi routers
  • Home monitoring devices

Why use the Glamor S for all equipment with PFC design

Pure sine wave UPS is the only one that works well with devices with PFC (Power Factor Correction) power supplies because of the PFC technology’s nature and the output waveform’s quality. The Glamor S 600-2000 VA UPS therefore becomes the best choice.
Power Factor Correction is a technology used in modern electronic devices to improve energy efficiency. Devices with PFC power supplies draw power from the electrical grid in a way that maintains a high power factor, which means they utilize power more effectively and reduce the amount of apparent power needed for their operation. The output waveform of a UPS can be either pure sine wave, modified sine wave, or square wave. Pure sine wave UPS produces an output waveform that replicates the smooth and continuous wave pattern of utility power, just like the power supplied by the electrical grid. This high-quality waveform is essential for devices with PFC power supplies to operate optimally and efficiently.
Devices with PFC power supplies are sensitive to the input power quality they receive. When connected to a UPS with a modified sine wave or square wave output, these devices may not function correctly or may experience issues like overheating, noise, or reduced efficiency. The irregular waveform produced by these UPS types can cause the PFC circuitry to malfunction or even damage the connected device.
In contrast, a pure sine wave UPS provides a clean and stable power output, ensuring that devices with PFC power supplies receive the high-quality power they need to operate safely and efficiently. Therefore, a pure sine wave GLAMOR S 6000-2000 VA UPS is recommended for equipment with PFC power supplies to guarantee proper functionality and protection.
Low cost of ownership due to longer expected battery life

  • Wide input allowable tolerance in both voltage and frequency (160-290V – 45-65 Hz): prevents batteries from going into operation when there is a major variation in input power.
  • ABDM (Automatic Battery Discharge Management) protects batteries from deep discharge by increasing the cut-off voltage (battery cut voltage), the voltage at which a battery is considered fully discharged.

Charge control: prevents overcharging of batteries that leads to their degradation by modulating the voltage to the battery to maintain a full charge during its operation.
Automatic testing every 24 hours allows early detection of problems protecting batteries from failure.


PowerMaster: UPS monitoring and management software

Main features of the monitoring and control software (available free of charge at www.ablerex.eu/download):

  • quick and easy installation and configuration via USB;
  • orderly, automatic closure of the applications and operating system, even if the user is not there;
    monitoring and power supply event reporting;
  • transmission of alarms for the most common power supply problems and notification of system shutdown via email and text message;
  • automatic testing of UPS and battery;
  • available for Windows, MAC, Linux, etc.
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Additional information
  • Glamor S UPS 600-2000 VA provides a comprehensive level of protection (including phone and data) and offers a smoother transition from mains to battery power, ensuring compatibility with all PFC-powered devices.
  • The Glamor S UPS 600-2000 VA guarantees power quality by stabilizing the power automatically can regulate minor voltage fluctuations, preventing damage to connected equipment and ensuring stable operation during brownouts and overvoltage situations.
  • The Glamor S UPS 600-2000 VA is ready to go without other cost: all needed cables are included to connect UPS to the load and to install the software via USB cable
  • User-friendly Glamor S UPS 600-2000 VA: no expertise is needed to connect UPS, statuses are clearly displayed by LCD, and audible and visual alarms are easily understandable.
  • The connected devices are always protected, The Glamor S UPS 600-2000 VA UPS can be started in the absence of mains power and the battery is always charged
  • The presence of the operator is not necessary. The Glamor UPS 450-2000 VA Automatic restart after prolonged blackout reactivates the load protected, the software can also allow to set up the automatic shutdown of the devices connected.
  • The Glamor S UPS 600-2000 VA guarantees easy monitoring and management without cost: orderly, automatic closure of the applications and operative system, and shutdown of all devices can be easily set up via free software available for the main operatives systems.
  • The Glamor S UPS 600-2000 VA has low cost of ownership due to longer expected battery life thanks to all advanced battery management features.

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