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ENERSINE APF wall-mounting 30- 100 A

Ablerex Enersine active filters can correct any type of harmonic contamination to protect the system from faults (e.g. burnt-out transformers, damaged capacitors, etc.), while also improving the power factor.

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  • Broadcasting
  • Shopping centres
  • Energy suppliers
  • Transport infrastructure and control rooms
  • Oil&Gas
  • Healthcare sector

User-friendly user interface

The 7” colour touch screen display can be used to set all parameters, read the event log file and download data to a removable SD card (for 60 A, 80 A, 100 A wall-mounting model and all modular models).
It can also show the voltage and current waveforms, before and after enabling the Enersine, along with a frequency spectrum bar graph.


Harmonic and PF correction that can be verified on the display
Ablerex Enersine not only actively corrects harmonic currents up to the 51st order, but also improves the inductive or capacitive power factor with a response time of less than 1 ms. The benefits can be seen easily on the display.

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Additional information
  • Enersine active wall-mount filters offer the most economical and effective solution, while the scalability of the modular ones protects your investment over time.
  • The power modules of the modular version are easy to install and are hot swappable: they can be replaced while the filter is operating.
  • Versatile thanks to the modularity, high nominal current and possibility of parallel connection up to 400 A for the wall version, and up to 2400 A for the modular version.
  • Enersine is available in two versions, 4 or 6 modules for 60 A, 80 A or 100 A, which can also be used in a mixed configuration within the same system.
  • Maximum performance with 3-level DSP technology.
  • Their compact, high-power-density design optimises space.
  • Multi-purpose: one model covers all three-phase systems (3-wire or 4-wire).
  • Correction of all harmonics up to the 51st (up to the 25th for 30 A) with a response time of less than 1 ms.
  • No overload effect.
  • Selective mode to select the harmonics to be corrected.
  • Phase balancing of three-phase loads.
  • Open loop or closed loop installation.
  • A single control module manages up to 8 power modules.
  • All parameters are under control via the 7” colour (2.7” LCD for 30 A model) touch screen display that shows: voltage and current waveforms, frequency spectrum, parameters and events.
  • Events and parameters can be downloaded to a removable SD card.
  • Advanced communication: dry contacts (3 in and 1 out), USB, RS485 Modbus, RJ45 Ethernet, programmable email alarm.

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