Power quality devices


Wireless battery analysis, monitoring and protection system.
The voltage equalisation function between the individualblocks guarantee the lowest installation and operating cost, maximum performance and battery system life.

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  • Server rooms
  • Data centers
  • Telecommunications and broadcasting equipment
  • Industrial automation systems
  • TV broadcast equipment
  • Video surveillance equipment
  • Electrical panels and cabinets
  • Electromedical equipment
  • Energy storage systems


Wireless Battery Monitoring System

  • Easy
    The wireless design simplifies installation and makes maintenance cost effective.
  • Flexible
    No pre-design is needed, it can be adapted easily to any further configuration changes.
  • Intelligent
    Real-time monitoring via graphic LCD touch screen or web, programmable email alarms.
    Guarantees savings in investment and operating expenses (CAPEX and OPEX).
  • Powerful
    One collector for up to 750 batteries of any type and 63 RF receivers.
    Battery protection is always active thanks to the equalisation functions.


Battery voltage equaliser

Continually equalizes the end-of-charge voltage of the batteries to the optimal level in order to prevent overcharging and ensure the best performance and durability. With the equalization function active, the voltage of each battery block is continually kept at the ideal value.

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Additional information
  • Total flexibility with 2.4 GHz wireless communication technology that does not require prior planning and allows the configuration of racks and cabinets to be changed at any time.
  • Everything easily under control: measuring the most important parameters of each individual battery block, including impedance, voltage, current, and temperature.
  • Very simple and fast installation ensures good savings.
  • Each block has an equalization function to prevent spikes and maximise battery life and performance.
  • Gestione contemporanea di batterie di diversa capacità e tipologia (ad esempio VRLA, AGM, NiCd, OPZS, OPZV, etc.) e di configurazioni di tensione miste (ad esempio sistemi di batterie a 48V e 240V).
  • Colour touch screen display to clearly see configurations and parameters, including diagrams and voltage trend plots.
  • Programmable alarm level.
  • Alarm alerts via email and dry contact.
  • Removable SD card for event storage.
    RS485 port for communication between the receiver and control panel for monitoring large plants.
    Ethernet port and additional RS485 port for remote monitoring.
    Each block has an equalization function to prevent spikes and maximise battery life and performance.
  • Each ENERBATT system can monitor and protect up to 750 blocks.
  • Automatically disables the measurement instrument if the end-of-discharge voltage is reached in order to safeguard the batteries.
    The measurement instruments are re-enabled automatically when the charging current is restored.

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