Single and three-phases CPSS

CPSS ZEN single-phase 4000-10000 VA

Central Power Supply System, fully EN 50171 compliant certified by third part.

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  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Smoke extraction systems
  • Gas and smoke detection systems
  • Security alarm systems
  • PAV Voice Systems
  • Lone Worker Systems


  • EN 50171 compliant CPSS designed to ensure the highest degree of protection in the critical environments of all emergency system installations.
    For everyone’s peace of mind: designers, retailers, installers and end users.
  • Hot-swappable batteries: external batteries can be replaced while the CPSS is in operation.
  • Batteries life expectancy 10 years.
  • IP20 heat- and fire-resistant enclosure conforming to EN 60598-1.
  • Firmware easily upgradable.

Control and management software
USB or RS232 serial port and PowerMaster software

The main features of the PowerMaster software are:

  • Installation and configuration via USB or RS232 serial port;
  • orderly, automatic closure of the applications and operating system, even if the user is not there;
  • monitoring and power supply event reporting;
  • transmission of alarms for the most common power supply problems and
    notification of system shutdown by email and text message;
  • automatic testing of UPS and battery;
  • available for Microsoft, MAC, and Linux (full list available at www.ablerex.eu/download).
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Additional information
  • The CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS is a Centralized Power Supply System specifically designed in accordance with EN 50171 for the power protection of all safety and emergency systems, provides truly reliable and safe protection.
  • CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS is fully EN 50171 compliant with a third-party (IMQ) test certificate that attests to its perfect compatibility with current regulations for emergency aand safety systems, ensuring maximum protection for users and peace of mind for consultants, retailers, and installers.
  • Rugged thanks to IP20 heat and fire-resistant enclosure (conforming to EN 60598-1) CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS is handy and compact and can be easily installed in small spaces.
  • Everything is under control with a wide range of audible and visual alarms. The CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS also ensures accurate calculation of the remaining autonomy, which can be viewed in real-time on its intuitive backlit LCD display with LEDs and function keys.
  • Always available the CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS can be started in the absence of mains power (cold start function), and with high overload capacity permanently delivers up to 120% of rated power.
    The CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS is efficient and versatile, it guarantees significant savings and low operating costs due to its efficiency of up to 98% and 4 operating modes: the mixed mode of operation with SA (Always Powered) output and an SE (Emergency Only) output optimizes energy savings.
    The single-phase version requires no additional accessories to be installed while the three-phase version requires the optional mixed mode kit.
  • The CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS is fail-safe: protection against battery polarity reversal and short-circuit allows it to work safely and avoid damage. The risk-blowing fuses during commissioning, even in the event of reversal is always averted.
  • Thanks to dual input the CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS can be connected to two separate power sources, enhancing reliability.
  • The Internal manual bypass feature enables to bypass of the CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS during maintenance or repair without interrupting power to connected devices, providing convenience minimal downtime, and more security for users.
  • The CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS built-in EPO provides a critical layer of safety and control during emergency situations, ensuring compliance with safety standards.
  • The CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS allows quick and easy connection due to the oversized terminal block.
  • Batteries life of 10 years, hot-swappable are replaceable while the CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS is running: all connected safety systems remain protected at all times.
  • High-current internal battery charger with temperature compensation, easily settable from the display improves the availability of backup power, extends battery life, and simplifies maintenance of the CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS. The ability to add additional chargers also enables increased autonomy and recharge time.
  • The easily upgradeable firmware ensures swift integration of security patches, performance enhancements, and new features, enhancing device functionality, security, and adaptability of the CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS.
  • A wide range of communication options are included in the CPSS ZEN 4000-10000 VA single-phase CPS: two ports (RS232, USB), plus two additional slots for optional cards (SNMP, RS485 ModBus, dry relay contacts).


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