It guarantees the lowest installation and operating cost, maximum performance and expected life of battery systems due to the voltage equalization function between individual monoblocks.

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  • Total flexibility with 2.4 GHz wireless communication technology that does not require prior planning and allows the configuration of racks and cabinets to be changed at any time.
  • Everything easily under control: measuring the most important parameters of each individual battery block, including impedance, voltage, current, and temperature.
  • Very simple and fast installation ensures good savings.
  • Maximizes the life expectancy and performance of batteries by avoiding surges through the equalization function of individual monoblocks.
  • Each ENERBATT system can monitor and protect up to 750 blocks.
  • Safeguards batteries by automatically deactivating detectors when end-of-discharge voltage is reached. Detectors automatically reactivate when charging current is restored.
  • Each block has an equalization function to prevent spikes and maximise battery life and performance.
  • Simultaneous management of batteries of different capacities and types (e.g. VRLA, AGM, NiCd, OPTS, OPZV, etc.) and mixed voltage configurations (e.g. 48V and 240V battery systems).
  • Display LCD a colori per visualizzare chiaramente configurazioni e parametri, inclusi diagrammi e curve di andamento delle tensioni.
  • Programmable alarm level.
  • Alarm alerts via email and dry contact.
  • Removable SD card for event storage.
  • RS485 port for communication between receiver and control panel for monitoring large systems.
  • Ethernet port and additional RS485 port for remote monitoring.

Main options:

  • Temperature sensor for each individual monoblock.
  • Sensor kit for use with Ni-Cd batteries.
  • Additional antenna for each battery to extend wireless range.
  • Dedicated software for remote monitoring and data storage.

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