KR PLUS eco-friendly 3 phase UPS PF 1: more power in less space

Ablerex has introduced a new eco-friendly 3-phase UPS, revolutionizing power supply solutions. This advanced UPS guarantees maximum power availability while occupying the smallest footprint in its class, thanks to its transformer-free design. It is also lithium-ion battery-ready, providing organizations with future-proof technology. The KR PLUS incorporates the patented GLM® function, efficiently managing power from regenerative load applications, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to critical loads and enabling independent battery charging. Ablerex’s innovative UPS sets a new standard for power efficiency and reliability.

KR Plus offers a wide range of battery configurations, simplifying maintenance and scalability while ensuring efficient battery utilization. The UPS incorporates high protection on the neutral line with 3-pole battery breakers for enhanced safety. A built-in backfeed contactor adds an extra layer of security, preventing power surges and backflow. The UPS can convert frequencies without derating, providing uninterrupted operation for loads with different frequencies. With a high overload capacity, it can sustain up to 1 minute at 150% load, effectively handling sudden load spikes and compatibility with generators.

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