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KRONOS three phase UPS10-15-20kVA – Technology, performance and value for money in the smallest footprint

EASY TO INSTALL internal batteries for all the models: one string of 40x9Ah – a plug&play UPS Only 0,22m2 footprint for 20kVA with 40x9Ah internal batteries HIGHLY ROBUST strong overload capacity for best circuit breakers selectivity BATTERY CARE wide input voltage and frequency range, to maximize battery life EASY TO OPERATE touch screen interface for […]

Enhance your batteries life span with Enerbatt 3G Battery Monitoring System

When a critical load must be protected, the UPS to be used is always carefully studied in all its characteristics, sometimes neglecting the importance of the batteries, except for a simple calculation of the expected back-up time and an economic evaluation. It is often the latter that guides the choice of the battery to be […]

High polluting loads? Try ENERSINE, the Active Power Filter from Ablerex!

ENERSINE, Ablerex Active Power Filter (APF), is the best solution to compensate variable harmonics pollution and leading or lagging power factor. It’s perfect for applications where a high level of harmonics pollution is produced by the load, typically in industrial environments or where various kinds of digital loads are present, or where motors are frequently […]


We are glad to announce that this year Ablerex will be exhibiting at the HANNOVER MESSE from 1st to 5th April 2019. HANNOVER MESSE is the world’s largest industrial exhibition and is the ideal place to talk about our UPS solutions. See you there at booth D46! In the meantime, you can read something about […]