In business, as in life, a solid and long lasting relationship is based on few simple elements:


Ablerex applies all the necessary tools to guarantee the highest level of satisfaction in all these aspects.

Our electronic company products aim to satisfy world need for energy continuity.

Ablerex: your reliable partner

Ablerex is your most reliable partner among international energy companies.

With 25 years of activity, Ablerex, the worldwide electronic company leader, represents the natural choice when it comes to introducing in the market a UPS range with the highest levels of quality and reliability.
In fact, the obsessive research of the highest quality is a founding element of our engineers’ development work. And of course, quality is also the backbone of our production sites all over the world.

The ISO 9001 certification and the ISO 14001 for our production sites represent the confirmation of this approach.
Even from the commercial point of view, Ablerex is the ideal partner. Our commercial policy aims to identify and respect a limited number of main partners, and build with them development plans that can maximize customer satisfaction.

Working with Ablerex is simple

Do you want to sell UPS in your country? Ablerex is the simplest and most natural choice to do it!

Progressiveness of investments

No need to start with a large stock: thanks to our warehouse in Ponzano Veneto, Treviso (Italy), we can also handle small orders with very quick deliveries.

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All our products can be customized with the brand of our customers, even radically changing the aesthetics.
Our team of experts, in close collaboration with the customer, is able to propose new designs or simply carry out a customer specific project.


Both the technicians and the salesmen are trained by our team in Milan.
Milan is the EMEA Ablerex Head Quarter of our power and electronic company.

Marketing Support

Manuals, catalogs, leaflets, web and social material, videos… All available to our customers, including a customization service for graphics and content.

Ablerex looks to the future together with you

Ablerex looks to the future, keeping maximum attention to market developments, technological innovations, the impact of the Internet of Things on products and processes.

With a product development team of 120 engineers, Ablerex invests 5% of its turnover in R&D every year. The new products placed on the market in the last 4 years contribute for more than 30% of the turnover.

The new market trends, such as storage and lithium batteries, proximity communication technologies to connect smartphones and UPS, the new technological tools for training and service, are just some examples of how Ablerex not only looks at the future but it helps to build it.