Single and three-phase CPSS

As the global market for emergency lighting continues to grow, so does the importance of ensuring that the infrastructure is designed and installed to meet recognised standards.

An integral part of this design is the Central Power Supply System (CPSS) which must be suitable for the application, ensuring uninterrupted operation during mains failure conditions.

A CPSS is classified as a critical life safety system and must be designed in accordance with EN50171 standards. Unlike ‘off the shelf’ UPS systems which are sometimes incorrectly installed for emergency lighting applications, CPSS are manufactured to include:

  • Enhanced inverters capable of delivering 120% of the rated power indefinitely
  • Long life batteries with an expected design life of 10-years
  • Improved inbuilt chargers ensuring connected battery systems are recharged within 12-hours
  • Heat and fire resistant casing compliant with EN60598-1
  • Dual input connections
  • Reverse battery polarity protection

Unlike many competitor systems, not only are our ZEN CPSS single and three phase products compliant to EN50171, they are also fully third party certified by a globally recognised standard body.

As a global leader in the design and manufacture of power electronics for in excess of 30-years, our CPSS range is tried and tested in the field, providing a number of configurable operating modes to suit maintained, non-maintained, sustained and a combination of mixed lighting circuits.

With a number of models available from stock both directly and through a number of exclusive channel partners, learn more about our CPSS product range.

Single and three-phase CPSS