We are glad to announce this year Ablerex will be exhibiting at the MIDDLE EAST ENERGY from 14-16th June 2021.

We are very proud to introduce to the visitors of MEE our new function: the GLM (Generative Load Management). It has been implemented in our Taurus UPS and officially patented.

TAURUS is part of ABLEREX three-Phase UPS, a new generation of transformer less UPS with power factor 1.0. It provides a perfect solution for power protection. Moreover it solves power quality problems such as surges, spikes, voltage and frequency fluctuations, harmonic distortion.

With the new GLM function, we can manage the returning energy from braking motors. Above all, that represents a big step forward for all those production plants which include generative motors on their production lines.


Find out more: middleeast-energy.com