EN 50171 represents the reference standard required by law for emergency lighting systems in any public, commercial or residential building.
in order to guarantee the maximum possible protection in these critical environments Ablerex has recently released the MARS III 50171 6/10KVA, which comply all the features required by the European Standard EN 50171 becoming the best solution for the installation in buildings subject to fire safety regulations and for the power supply of emergency lighting systems.
This new version of MS III is also named “CPSS” – Central Power Supply System and is available for 6KVA and 10 KVA. Typical applications are emergency lighting, automatic fire extinguisher systems electrical circuits, pager and safety signaling systems, fire extractors, carbon monoxide detection systems and all the specific safety installations for particular buildings, for example in high-risk areas.
Main features:

  • Product range: 6kVA and 10kVA, single phase with IP20 and fire resistant
  • Can work continuously with an overload up to 120%
  • Cold start, to turn on the load in battery mode
  • External long life batteries, with deep discharge protection
  • Typical back-up time: 1h
  • Battery recharge of minimum 80% in maximum 12h
  • Battery protection against reversed polarity

Another SMART innovation from Ablerex connected with the present and in line with the future

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