Ablerex KRONOS is the last born of the three phase UPS family, and it’s the perfect mix between technology, performance and value for money. Ablerex has recently expanded the KRONOS range with the 30KVA and 40KVA models that can now be ordered!

Thanks to a significant technological development and despite the increase in capacity, new 30-40 kVA Kronos models have maintained the same 0,22m2 footprint of 10-20 kVA Kronos, which makes them the most compact UPS of its kind available on the market.

Inbuilt battery charger of Kronos 30-40kVA has been improved in order to have higher charging current up to 26A for 40KVA model to reduce recharging time and to ensure the best possible usage of the batteries

Regarding each market request, many configurations are possible:

  • Three or four poles circuit breakers
  • Extra battery breaker
  • Single or dual input
  • Touch screen or LCD

Another SMART innovation from Ablerex connected with the present and in line with the future

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