Blackout, mains returns back with phase rotation error, ups discharge batteries and your load goes off!! This is quite normal situation, and now Ablerex provides you the right solution with his new function
After blackout or regulatory maintenance, mains/generator supply could returns back with phase rotation error. In this case standard UPS switch to battery mode till batteries are available, then your load will go off!
With Ablerex three phase UPS Taurus and Kronos, there is no need to worry anymore about phase rotation error, we always protect the load, not only by our three level inverter design, but also with a smart control of rectifier and bypass lines.
Even if mains returns back with phase rotation error, your load is 100% protected. Because our UPS will return in online mode again providing power to the load and charging the batteries at the same time, cutting bypass line and providing bypass wrong phase alarm.
With Taurus and Kronos UPS you can protect your business.
Another SMART innovation from Ablerex connected with the present and in line with the future.

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