Monday, 8:20am, you are opening your shop in 10 minutes. You turn the key of your electrical shutter but nothing happens!

Mains is down and so your business!

This is a quite common situation if you leave your shop turning off the main switch. Or if for some reason the main circuit breaker has disconnected while the shop was closed. Or finally if when it’s time to open, the local grid is down.

The “wise” shop electrical circuit considers a UPS dedicated to the electrical shutter. This UPS provides a “remote on/off” function whose reason of existence is to let you always open and close the shutters, in any condition. But unfortunately, all “remote on/off” functions available on the market require the mains presence to turn on the UPS when it’s off: no mains = UPS remains off.

In order to overcome this limit and let you start your business really in EVERY condition, Ablerex ARES PLUS exists with the option “remote on/off without mains”. This extremely smart function lets you turn on the UPS even if no mains is present: just connect your key selector device for shutter to the ROO W/O MAINS port of our ARES PLUS and the issue is solved.

Another SMART innovation from Ablerex!

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