Taurus (and Kronos) user interface is not just an information point.

The Ablerex cutting-edge technology enables using the “Human-Machine Interface” also for programming the majority of required parameters. Leaving to commissioning and service software only a minimum number of rarely used settings.

In order to make our customers’ life easy, the standard HMI is a touch screen, thus homologating with modern ways of interacting with any kind of machines, smartphones first.

The choice has fallen on an LCD 4,3” color touch screen, well proportionated, readable and usable with all the three phase UPS from Ablerex. This LCD includes:

  • Graphic user interface design – Enabling to adapt and personalize the layout for our Partners
  • Plenty of built-in languages, plus the possibility to add others on request. Together with the graphic LCD can easily represent also non-latin alphabets thus covering every possible language need.
  • UPS Information, Measurements, Operating Status, Alarms… All the necessary UPS information available easily at your fingertips
  • Dedicated maintenance menus. Very comfortable for maintenance partners, who can run the majority of tests from the LCD scree
  • Data export to SD card. As described here this function strongly simplifies our service partners lives


UPS built upon older technologies require to be connected to a laptop in order to realize the typical commissioning settings. In Taurus, these can be done via the LCD, for example:

  • Output Voltage & Frequency to set the correct load supply characteristics
  • Battery configuration and V/Cells limit to have the battery charger run perfectly and achieve the maximum possible battery life
  • EPO logic, to properly activate the Emergency Power Off
  • Parallel ID setting, in case of parallel installation


Taurus, cutting-edge technology also at the HMI level!


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