One of the first questions you ask yourself when entering a UPS room for maintenance will surely be: “where can I place my laptop to download the UPS information?”

Another one might be “where is the fu…ng service port???” or “there’s no connection here, I need to get in touch with the office!”

Ablerex pays a lot of attention to simplifying the work of the maintenance engineers. That’s why we have added an SD card to our three phase UPS Taurus and Kronos. By a simple procedure in the touchscreen of the unit, you can download to the SD card all the data from the UPS: logfile, settings, measures… and you can also find the factory output test report.

Thus, no need to settle down your laptop in the UPS room, no need to find the service port, no need to get immediately connected via web or phone: with Ablerex 3phase UPS, all the data analysis can be done sitting comfortably in the office, with all the connections you may need.

The SD card is easily accessible from the back of the screen, opening the Taurus front door or a dedicated panel in the Kronos, and the data transfer procedure is easily accessible from the front touchscreen.

Also, the data can be transferred to Ablerex service center for sharing and common analysis in case of anomalies or difficulties., and can easily be added to a ticket for further analysis.

Making business with Ablerex is really easy!

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