Enhance your batteries life span with Enerbatt 3G Battery Monitoring System

When a critical load must be protected, the UPS to be used is always carefully studied in all its characteristics, sometimes neglecting the importance of the batteries, except for a simple calculation of the expected back-up time and an economic evaluation. It is often the latter that guides the choice of the battery to be used, rather than the correct technical considerations.

On the contrary, we all know that the batteries, and in particular the lead-acid batteries (VRLA) used in the vast majority of UPS installations, play a crucial role: to feed the critical load when needed. Therefore, the batteries should be chosen with extreme care and without compromise.

Furthermore, unfortunately, lead-acid batteries are “living” elements, ie their characteristics evolve over time. In a battery string, each of them evolves independently, causing current and voltage unbalances during the charge and discharge cycles that significantly reduce the expected service life. And it should not be forgotten that a faulty battery may not be detectable during installation.

It is therefore essential to pay due attention to batteries: providing them with a monitoring system helps to ensure their health and durability. In fact, a BMS guarantees to maximize the duration of the economic investment by minimizing the need for maintenance or replacement.

The Ablerex BMS Enerbatt 3G responds perfectly to these needs, thanks to the typical functions of each BMS but above all to some unique features such as:

– Measurement of the most important parameters of each individual battery block, including impedance, a very important health indicator;

– Single battery equalization function, which guarantees the maximum possible life span in the conditions of use;

– Independence of the system from the UPS used, to correctly manage the equalization in any condition;

– Wireless transmission between the batteries and the receiver, which guarantees a quick and error-free installation even during maintenance or battery replacement.

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