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New on-board products
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[UPS] New Taurus 3phase update!

Check out the new great features from the Taurus 3phase UPS!


Available from our Italian warehouse, the Taurus has already made a great entry in the European market thanks to its extremely high specification (cosPhi 1, very high overload capacity 110% for 60min or 150% for 1min, top quality components, touch screen panel, advanced maintenance software)

and flexibility (2 internal strings of batteries, settable number of batteries, parallelable up to 6 units, high charging current, common battery for parallel applications)


From now you have access to new features direclty from the touch screen panel:

-          Choose your own language

-          Set Output Voltage & Frequency

-          Set Battery configuration and V/Cells limit

-          Set EPO logic

-          Set Isolation Transformer I/O


A “light version” is also announced for the end of the year with very competitive price!

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