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Taurus three phase UPS: cutting edge technology for high performance

Delivering clean, stable and reliable power for critical three-phase loads, Taurus is the best choice for small datacenters and with its simplified maintenance it helps to reduce the TCO of the installation.
Taurus is designed to provide output power factor 1.0, so kW = kVA. It supplies loads for both leading and lagging Power Factor without de-rating. For this reason, it fits perfectly with the new generation of servers (capacitive load). The low input current Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi <3% at 100% load) eliminates harmonic distortion at the input of the system, providing greater operation reliability and extending the service life of the UPS. But what are the characteristics that make Taurus so performant?
Look at them:

• Cutting edge technology: Power Factor 1, 96% efficiency, 3 level IGBT reversible converters
• Grid neutrality: THDi <3% and input PF >0,99
• Operates leading and lagging loads without derating
• Best generator compatibility, with programmable rectifier soft start
• Lift and generative loads compatibility: no oversizing of the unit or of the batteries, with no risk on battery life
• Dual input and internal manual bypass for maximum installation flexibility
• Cold start to turn on the load even without mains
• Wrong phase sequence rotation protection: fool-proof installation
• 440mm wide, to fit in cabinets with higher IP rating

• Touch screen colour LCD display with all unit information and all the settings
• Removable SD card to share information on the UPS logs and measures

• Internal batteries up to 40kW – 80 blocks in two strings
• Wide range of battery number per string (26 or 32 to 40 pcs) to best fit to customer requirements
• Built-in Flexible High Power charger: up to 52A for 80kVA with three charging modes, operates with all battery technologies
• Smart Battery Detection to avoid any unknown disconnection of the batteries from the UPS
• Smart Battery Discharge to avoid to use dummy loads and reuse the energy of the batteries when running a full battery test during the installation life

• Parallelable up to 6 units working also in open loop
• Separate or common batteries to optimize the price offer

• Two com slots, RS232, USB, dry contacts: ready for any communication system

• Front access for batteries and laptop connection
• Safe troubleshooting and testing, thanks to a guided test tool that works with UPS in bypass

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