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Ablerex Odin Plus RT, reliable power for short IT cabinets
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is your datacenter’s first line of defense against power supply anomalies - spikes, dips and so on. Thousands of dollars of IT equipment (and far more in many cases) depend on a clean power supply: you can’t afford to wait for problems to arise in your system.
The more the datacenter grows, the more it needs space which should be reserved for IT equipment and its protection. There rises up the need for compact online ups which provide protection for the equipment and save space.

Whenever the IT cabinet space available is short, Ablerex Odin Plus RT is the best solution. Its depth of only 432mm makes Odin Plus RT probably the shortest UPS of its category, enabling it to easily fit cabinets as short as 500mm.

This feature makes Odin Plus RT the best choice also when, in small data rooms, the available space for the IT cabinet is small and its depth can be a real limit. While on the contrary height is not a problem, the footprint of the cabinet has to be carefully studied, to guarantee future maintenance and modifications.

Beside its IT cabinet suitable dimension, the Odin plus provides complete protection as an online UPS with multi-function, EPO/ROO (Remote On/Off), programmable outlets, connection for external batteries, optional outlets. And many possible customizations.

A UPS is an invaluable add-on when planning a new datacenter for your business, but it’s also necessary whenever you require clean and stable power like for hospitals, banks, schools, factories etc. In general, any business for which storing and processing data is critical shall install an uninterrupted power supply.

Determining the type of UPS for your business as well as installing and maintaining it may require the expertise of professionals. Our expert team based in Milano can help you to make the correct choice and can provide you with information on how to properly operate a UPS, replace its battery, identify devices that should never be connected to it, and other safety tips.

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